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Pompano Beach

Micro MKT

Our Mission is to provide employees with fresh and healthy, chef-prepared foods, snacks and beverages in competitive, convenient shopping environment.

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What are the best-suited environments for a Artisan MKT?
  • Office Building 
  • Government
  • Schools & College Campuses
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Factory & Warehouses
  • Fitness & Recreation 

More than a Culinary Market... Artisan MKT will immediately impact your workplace!
  • Eliminates Cafeteria Operating Expenses & Subsidies
  • Increases Workplace Productivity
  • Improves Job Satisfaction
  • Promotes & Supports Wellness
  • Attracts and Retains Employees, Tenants & Visitors


We Handle Everything!

From Start to Finish

Artisan MKT will design, install and maintain all aspects of operating the Culinary MKT.

  • MKT Installation
  • Employee Orientation & Training
  • Rewards & Recognition  
  • Total Ongoing Operations, Cleaning & Maintenance.
  • Site Survey
  • Material selection, layouts, customer flow 
  • Administrative/HR Training for Catering

Powerful Unique Attributes

Large Assortments of Food, Snacks and Beverages
  • Extensive Extensive Chef Designed Menu
  • From our local kitchens direct to your MKT
  • We control purchasing, production, delivery, cleaning, food safety, inventory and Technology.
Employee-Driven Selection
  • We are consistently tracking and monitoring employees tastes & preferences, then design your customized Artisan MKT menu.
  • Employees can use the kiosk, smart phone and/or email to tell us what they want. They improve the choices and make the MKT a more personal experience. 
Seamless Payment
  • Personalized customer accounts for easy access and tracking.
  • Two simple ways for customers to checkout with this user-friendly application. The first is our sleek wall mounted iPad terminal, and the other is a revolutionary smartphone app.

    • They can walk right up to the in-market terminal, or put the register right in their hands by downloading our iOS & Android smartphone apps.

  • Receipts are emailed for easy filing.

  • Promotions through email and smartphone app

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